Attachment: Ages 0-3
Following: Ages 1-8
Accountability: Ages 7-12
Self-Discipline: Ages 11-18
Independence: Ages 16-20+
Leading: Ages 19+
To accommodate a child's developing brain, educational techniques and disciplinary styles should technically change as well according to the child/adolescent's developmental phase. Each phase "looks different" from one another. For our family, the academic learning that is often associated with the word 'education' is secondary.

By focusing our teaching and disciplinary attention on the primary "lessons" listed below (I like to think of them more as 'celebrations'), learning in all other areas of life, including the academic learning that most people think of as education, comes very naturally. Keep in mind that these higher level goals coincide with the Accountability Pyramid where skills in later stages (the top of the pyramid) are dependent on adequate time and learning of skills in early stages (the bottom of the pyramid).

Attachment Stage (ages 0-3)
1. You have a body.
2. You belong to a family.
3. When you are out of balance, you are not alone.

Following Stage (ages 1-8)
1. The world is full of inspiring people and things to explore.
2. Your unique body naturally absorbs and processes the world around you.
3. To find peace and happiness, follow positive leaders.

Accountability Stage (ages 7-12)
1. Your body can think and act for itself. You can choose how your body acts.
2. Natural consequences accompany your choices.
3. You can recognize and accept your strengths and weaknesses.
4. Repairing wrongs promotes progress.
5. Choosing to set and accomplish goals brings joy and the opposite is also true.

Self-Discipline Stage (ages 11-18)
1. You are becoming an individually unique person.
2. You can plan for the future and choose your own destiny.
3. Focused attention improves talents and skills.
4. Living personal values increases integrity and self-worth.
5. Seeking for and following Eternal Truth provides a life-long compass.

Independence Stage (ages 16-20+)
1. Self-reliance, with humility and grace, feels fulfilling.
2. You are capable of obtaining new skills and providing for yourself.
3. You can find emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.
4. Being true to yourself and your God gives you strength and joy.

Leading Stage (19+)

1. You can see and appreciate the people around you (including yourself) as they truly are and as they can become.
2. You have light that can benefit others.
3. True charity increases personal, family, and world peace.