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Independence: Ages 16-20+

Attachment: Ages 0-3
Following: Ages 1-8
Accountability: Ages 7-12
Self-Discipline: Ages 11-18
Independence: Ages 16-20+
Leading: Ages 20+
Independent Stage Education: Ages 16+
MINDSET: Encouraging the teen/adult to bear the full weight of awareness, decisions, and consequences. The focus is on keeping the door of mentoring open (giving heartfelt warnings about potential consequences when inspired to do so), but consciously withholding most unsolicited awareness and suggestions.

Primary Lessons:
1. Self-reliance, with humility and grace, feels fulfilling.
2. You are capable of obtaining new skills and providing for yourself.
3. You can find emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.
4. Being true to yourself and your God gives you strength and joy.

 Our vision for this stage is that our children will get to test out adult life while living at home with us at first like flies on the wall and then...well...they'll step out and be independent for real.