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The Ryde

posted Jan 11, 2013, 11:55 AM by Brent Smith
My ten-year-younger brother recently started a shuttle bus service for the BYU college campus. He carries hundreds of students to & from their homes so they can study and learn. He calls it “The Ryde”.

As you might imagine, when a bus breaks down, it is quite the scramble to get it working correctly. Otherwise, students miss classes, get frustrated and ultimately find another way to school.

Amy and my parenting has followed a similar “ryde”. Sometimes our ‘bus’ is running great! Our riders are happy and getting the learning they deserve & need. Other times, we break down causing our kids to miss valuable learning and get frustrated.

I’m sure you and I are the same in wanting our children to be happy and successful, serving in society and living by key values. One of my worries as a dad, has always been that my children may ultimately decide to find a ‘different path to learning’, leading them away from what I value and believe will make them happy.

For some of you, this may have already happened and your kids have found a different ‘ryde’. There may be nothing you could have done to keep your child from choosing a different shuttle service. Often times though, it is our own broken-down or run-down bus that contributes to them going to a competitor.

Maybe its time for a tune-up! There are lots of ‘parent’ mechanics out there. What we found though, is that most focus on fixing your riders instead of the bus. In my biased perspective (haha), during Amy’s late night pondering over the last 13 years she has come up with some great diagnostic tools and fixes that have helped our bus run much smoother. I must say though, most of the fixes have involved opening my own hood.

So the next time you crack open your hood in an effort to diagnose and fix the problems in your own bus, I’d encourage you to open up Amy’s instruction manual. You won’t find the quick fix solutions that leave you broken down again in a week. You’ll find an ongoing maintenance plan that will keep your bus running smoothly.

I love you Cutie! You make a great mechanic. And I am so glad you’re raising our kids!