Bedtime Routine

posted Jan 2, 2013, 10:06 PM by Smith Moments
June 3, 2012 
Allison eyes drooped shut as we drove home from a Sunday evening meeting. Upon arriving in our driveway, I scooped her out of her car seat and carried her limp body to the bathroom. As I was lifting her back off the toilet, her grin caught my eye...and the game was on.
Instead of gentle silence during the journey to voice sang, "Let's get Allison in her PJs, so we can tuck her into her nice,warm bed." I carried her upside down. She tried not to giggle. 
I flopped her onto her bed with her feet on her pillow and pulled the covers over her head. She lay in silence for several moments. Impressive. I pulled off the covers, wiggled her feet into pajamas, and tickled until the laughter came bursting out...all with her eyes never opening past a peeking squint. Allison wins.
Then after a proper tuck-in, I kissed her good-night and whispered, "I love you." As I turned to leave, she finally opened her eyes completely, called me back, kissed my cheek, and exclaimed, "I love you, too, Mommy!" I guess we both win.