Sides of Pyramid:
   Yellow Side
   Blue Side
   Red Side
   Green Side

Growth Stages (Blue):
   Ages 0-3
   Ages 1-8
   Ages 7-12
   Ages 11-18
   Ages 16-20+
   Ages 20+
Maturity Benefits for Parents

When working with children (or anyone who for that matter), choosing to consciously use your prefrontal cortex for good in response to them has obvious benefits for them, but it also improves your brain capacity and balance beyond your previous abilities. Through Present Parenting, your focus on the following virtues will certainly feel like you are presenting a gift to someone else. But if you pay close attention, you will also notice that your mature efforts grant you greater peace and joy in return.

During each developmental stage of a child's life, these are virtues parents can practice in order to assist their child in moving up the pyramid. Implementing these in a mindful way throughout a child's life creates both a bond and a progressive direction. 

Sacrifice, child age 0-3:
Practice mindfully sacrificing personal time and space at a stage when my child depends on me completely.

Role-Modeling, child age 1-8:
Practice knowing and modeling positive values at a time when my child mimics my every move.

Self-discipline, child age 7-12:

Practice personal self-discipline at a time when my child easily discerns and critically judges my actions and attitudes.

Acceptance, child age 11-17:

Practice mindful acceptance at a time when my child is excessively vulnerable to his/her self-worth.

Love and Respect, child age 16-20+:

Practice mutual love and respect at a time when my child's needs are fulfilled less often by me.

Charity, child age 20+:

Practice Charity…together.

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