Sides of Pyramid:
   Yellow Side
   Blue Side
   Red Side
   Green Side

Growth Stages (Green):
   Ages 0-3
   Ages 1-8
   Ages 7-12
   Ages 11-18
   Ages 16-20+
   Ages 20+
Maturity Benefits for Children

As children grow, they naturally have a greater capacity to understand their bodies, how they work, and what the future holds for them. Openly discussing these developmental stages and the benefits that go along with each, helps them appreciate their current maturity level (and that of their siblings as well) and prepare for future growth.

When talking about “The Pyramid” with our children, they like the Green Side the most. It shows some of the important milestones they have to look forward to in life. We discuss how each stage builds on the next stage and how important it is to go through each stage…and learn it well in order to prepare their brains for the joy and challenges still ahead. We express confidence in our kids...that they will mature (even though it seems to take forever) and continue to find their path in this world. Seeing the benefits that go along with becoming more mature puts things into perspective for them and they can see how much progress they have made and what is still in store for them. The Green Side is very motivating for our children and it helps them see the bigger picture.

The Green Side also aids us in resolving the disputes that arise due to the immature behavior of siblings. At first glance it seems that children might feel slighted as we treat siblings at different stages using different disciplinary tactics. But after explaining the pyramid (during non-confrontational moments) our kids find comfort in understanding that the maturity process is long and slow and we, as parents, discipline based on brain development, which is different for everyone.

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When using the Accountability Pyramid, the Green Side will uniquely reflect individual family goals and aspirations. The list below is just a sample of the milestones we've talked with our kids about.

Move, Communicate, and Explore (age 0-3): Learn to walk, talk, eat, and discover.

Work, Play, and Choose (age 1-8): The freedom to live and learn without the full weight of accountability quite yet.
  • Enjoy playing and pretending and using imaginations
  • Learn about and explore choices like what to wear or what do to with free time
  • Attend individualized classes like dance or karate or violin or basketball 
  • Help Mom and Dad with chores and activities
  • Learn healthy habits like brushing teeth, potty training, eating healthy, and making friends
  • Copy, copy, copy to your heart's content

Take Responsibility (age 7-12): Begin to experience the consequences of choices
  • Get baptized/receive Holy Ghost (if you’re a Mormon)
  • Attend school classes and pursue talents
  • Make personal decisions on earning and spending money
  • Learn to make individually wise technology choices
  • Take care of own body with proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise

Increase Self-reliance (age 11-18): Attend youth activities, overnight camps, trips, and dances, set own goals and schedule (with informative, but not nagging parents), explore ways to earn extra money.

Govern Yourself (age 16-20+): Enjoy providing for yourself by driving, dating, graduating, voting, and working to earn money with less support from parents.

Serve (age 20+): Begin mission, college, marriage, family, and career.

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