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Leading: Ages 20+

Attachment: Ages 0-3
Following: Ages 1-8
Accountability: Ages 7-12
Self-Discipline: Ages 11-18
Independence: Ages 16-20+
Leading: Ages 20+

Select Pyramid Side:
   Maturity Goals (Yellow)
   Charity (Blue)
   Serve (Red)
   Serve (Green)
Maturity Goals: (Yellow Side of Pyramid)
Finding ways to serve as equal partners is the natural reward for obtaining a more mature brain…together.

The brain’s prefrontal cortex finishes myelination, allowing the aware adult to use the whole brain efficiently and consistently to continue learning and re-balancing when necessary…finally. And with a mature brain, charity, above all else, provides the most self-worth at this stage.

I naturally have much less to share about this stage because in our family, we are not there yet. But I can say that I do look forward to observing the paths my children choose to take. And I look forward to connecting with them on a whole new level.

Charity: (Blue Side of Pyramid)
Practice Charity…together.

Serve: (Red Side of Pyramid)
Discipline by simply seeking for ways to co-lead alongside our child as we mutually make the world a better place.

Serve: (Green Side of Pyramid)
Begin mission, college, marriage, family, and career.