Discipline Scenarios
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Help! This parenting stuff is hard work (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.)!!

Yes. It is.

But when approached with prefrontal cortex development at the head of our actions, it can also make us stronger and better people than we were before.

Sample Open-ended Scenarios is a growing collection of various difficult hypothetical parenting situations along with possible Present Parenting solutions. We call the scenarios 'open-ended' because there will be as many appropriate options for solving it as there are distinct situations. When we hear about a disciplinary issue, it is impossible to know all the history and details that make each situation unique, so our answers might work for us, but would need to be adapted to fit someone else's needs. We will share our thoughts based on our experiences. Feel free to observe and ponder our thoughts...but remember that the beauty of developing a strong prefrontal cortex is the peace and wisdom to feel uniquely inspired about what's best for your child. 

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