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  1. Understanding basic brain development

  2. Practicing personal mindfulness

  3. Learning and applying the Accountability Pyramid to aid in disciplinary moments

Welcome to Present Parenting!

The primary focus in these parenting workshops is to teach the Accountability Pyramid (#3), which is a set of 6 mindsets that are useful in connecting with and disciplining any child as he or she develops through various developmental stages and circumstances. Because much can be found via Google or Siri in regards to brain science and mindfulness--which are also very important topics--these workshops spotlight how those topics relate to the Accountability Pyramid. To be successful with the Accountability Pyramid, you are strongly encouraged to study brain science and mindfulness more on your own or via the references that are provided on those pages.

These workshops are designed to be digested a few minutes at a time in whatever order fits you best. It is intended to educate you as well as help you to reflect and set personal goals. In total, the class will take you many hours to complete--and a lifetime to master.

An intro to words like prefrontal cortex (PFC), synapses, pruning, mirror neurons, etc.

An intro to concepts like meditation, empathy, self-control, and awareness

An intro to the Accountability Pyramid and the 6 mindsets for connecting with and disciplining children

Accepting Vulnerability and Defusing Defensiveness

Inspiring the Future by Modeling the Present

Encouraging Experience and Reflection on Reality

Enabling the Wrestle with Reality and the Discovery of Inner Strength

Embracing Uniqueness and Progression towards Personal Potential

Partnering to Make the World a Better Place