Focus on "ME" Workshops

Mindfulness Exercises = ME

We're all human and our emotions get the best of us.

In order to apply the Accountability Pyramid mindsets in every day parenting, it is critical that we each take the time to practice daily personal mindfulness. Just like our muscles get bigger and stronger when we use them, so will our brains increase in capacity through training, stretching, and exercise.

The following mindfulness exercises, or Focus on ME Challenges, can be used in any order or during any stage of the Accountability Pyramid. They include thought-provoking ideas and practical tips designed to open your mind and heart to reflection and stretch your magnitude for awareness, appreciation, and acceptance of the present moment. With a daily focus on mindfulness exercises (ME), your prefrontal cortex will increase in its ability to endure challenging moments with your child and wisely guide them on their own path to brain balance and mindfulness. So pick one and get to work on yourself!

Focus on ME: Explained

1. Your Child's Foundation is

Success with the Accountability Pyramid depends on the strength of one's prefrontal cortex, or PFC. So giving your prefrontal cortex daily exercise and attention is very important.

2. Personal mindfulness unlocks

To unlock a child's brain, go through the heart.

Focus on ME: Examples

1. Fill your bucket so...

2. Gratitude helps

4. Rewire your defense circuits so

More Focus on ME topics coming soon:

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Personal Fear Assessment

Cultural Bias Assessment

Appreciate Your Child's Innocence

Work on a Weakness

Play Reverse Follow the Leader

Inventory Bedside Manners

Reflect on your Top 3 Most Influential People

Practice Patience, Not Pouncing

Accept Individuality

Sit With Your Worst Fears

Embrace Your SELF Too

Hold Your Tongue's "I told you so!"

Model Confidence and Self-control

Support the Village

Unpack Baggage


Follow the Leader

Learn from the experts