Focus on ME Example #3

Plan Ahead

Increased faith = Added Peace and Strength

In my own situation and EVERY time I talk with families about switching away from a rewards and punishments style of behavioral control and towards a more mindful acceptance of a child's natural brain development, there's a point of realization that screams: I CAN'T do Present Parenting!

This feels shocking and frustrating and very discouraging.

When your child pushes you to your limits and you can't pull out a carrot or stick to "fix" the situation, then what?

Failure feels inevitable.

It's true. Present Parenting will demand more of you than you can give. Your child will need more strength from you to carry the burden of everyday life than you currently have to offer.

But don't worry. Natural laws have provided a solution. Natural laws include spiritual laws that are standing by ready to rescue you when you need it.

Most world religions or spiritual ideas acknowledge a Higher source of power. If you're serious about Present Parenting, this post is a call for you to brush up on your spirituality skills because you're going to need to turn to your personal source of peace and strength in order to succeed.

Personally, I'm a Christian, so I literally rely on Jesus Christ in my moments of desperation. When my strength is gone, I humbly admit that to Him, and I ask Him for the same kind of burden-carrying help my child needs from me. Then I feel His strength filling me enough to feel peaceful, think straight, and pass hope on to my desperate child.

If you already have a Higher source of power that you turn to, keep seeking to fine tune it. Daily. If you don't, do some personal soul-searching and find one. Decide to be committed and plan ahead of time to lean on the Greater Power of your choice to buoy you up when you and your child are drowning. Put on your life jacket. Your child is depending on you.

Trust me. It's the only way to make it through Present Parenting.

And as you embrace this natural phenomenon, you will not only be lovingly stretched into a stronger person than you ever knew you had to be, but you'll also be the perfect amount of strength that your child needs in order to grow to full potential as well.