Accountability Mindset Workshop

Encouraging Experience and Reflection on Reality

most common for ages ~7-12

Accountability Mindset

While teaching proper behavior and monitoring the child’s actions is still important, the Accountability Mindset makes a shift towards intentionally granting the child greater privileges in choosing and then giving a child time and space to personally recognize the outcomes of those choices. Parents regularly lead the child in honest, open-minded reflection on structured options and choices as well as natural consequences. The focus is on mentoring and motivating the child with a vision that he/she can control much of his/her personal destiny by the choices he/she makes. 

Accountability Explanations:

Accountability Examples:

Accountability Explanations

Accountability Explanation #1a.mp4

1. Transformation towards Accountability:

Innocence to Accountability

Accountability Explanation #2a.mp4

2. Signs of...

True Accountability

Accountability Explanation #3a.mp4

3. Leading a...

Parent/Child Council

True Accountability Part 1

4. How can I talk to my child about...

True Accountability Part 1

True Accountability Part 2

5. How can I talk to my child about...

True Accountability Part 2

Accountability Examples

Accountability Example #1a.mp4

1. Talk About

Shifting Accountability

Natural vs. Man-Made

When are rewards okay? Coming soon...