Attachment Mindset Workshop

Accepting Vulnerability and Defusing Defensiveness

most common for ages ~0-3

Attachment Mindset

Bearing the burden of each disciplinary moment for the child without expecting the child to feel personal responsibility. The focus is on helping the child sense nurturing, security, balance, and unconditional love.

Attachment Explanations:

  1. Why Attachment? - Children are both Vulnerable & Resilient

  2. Understanding children's "bad" behaviors: Primitive Power vs Mindful Management

  3. What is Attachment? The Parent & Child Connection

  4. Avoid Detachment Practices: Beware of Rewards and Punishments

  5. Starting Attachment with an Older Child.

  6. How can I strengthen attachment?

Attachment Examples:

  1. How can I strengthen Attachment?

  2. Using the Attachment Mindset: Hitting, Sharing, Tantrums

  3. Am I on the Right track? - The Difference Between Hovering and Attachment

  4. When a Child Refuses to Listen

  5. Using the Attachment Mindset with Older Children

Attachment Explanations

Attachment explanation #1a.mp4
Attachment Explanation #2b.mp4

2. Understanding Children's "Bad Behaviors:

Primitive Power vs. Mindful Management

Attachment Exlpanation #3a.mp4

3. What is Attachment?

The Parent & Child Connection

Attachment Examples

Attachment Example #1a.mp4

1. How can I strengthen