Leadership Mindset

Partnering to Make the World a Better Place

Leadership Mindset: While on equal maturity mindsets, seeking to jointly make the world a better place. The focus is on supporting the adult child's actions to improve life for future generations.

Primary window of opportunity:

  • ages 19+

  • when an adult child is capable of both self-care and service to others

  • when a child under age 19 shows sufficient maturity to lead others in a given area of interest

What's NEW in this stage:

  • not much...after going through all Accountability Pyramid stages, this simple, healthy adult relationship should come quite naturally

Primary Goal: Leadership

You'll know when your child has reached this stage because you'll see him look outside of himself with maturity and compassion on others. He will work to help others in ways that he is uniquely qualified and in the process he will recognize when to wisely ask you for your skills as well.

Together you will make the world a better place.

Personal Development for Parent: Humility

As parents age, the circle of life demands that the next generation take over at some point. This is meant to be both a humble and joyous process that allows growth across the generations.

After being "in charge" for so many years, it may be difficult for some parents to feel at peace watching others lead. It might be tempting to over-step their bounds as their children become parents or leaders in future jobs or community service, etc. This can contribute to heartache and strained adult relationships.

However, if you have worked your way up the blue side of the Accountability Pyramid, you will have increased in mindfulness and wisdom that is intended to prepare you for peaceful older years. All these years in helping your child mature will in return give you a greater mind and heart to be able to endure whatever is ahead for you. As your child leaves the nest, you will find joy in searching for your own leadership opportunities outside your home and you'll know how to assist your child as he leads his personal life mission. You'll be wise in your role as grandparent as you support your child in walking his child up the Accountability Pyramid. And ultimately, you'll eventually know how to humbly look to your child to care for you when you become vulnerable and need someone at your bedside.

Method of Discipline: Support

Your parental job during this stage is let your child lead. This mindset involves refraining from over-stepping your bounds by looking to your child for direction in what she expects you to do. This is particularly applicable when you are playing the role of grandparent and caring for or assisting with her child. Having a bossy, micro-managing, or overly worried tone will show lack of respect for your child's leadership role. Be a humble follower who knows how to respectfully address concerns without taking over.

Benefit for Child: Personal Legacy

Anyone who advances to a point in life that opens up opportunities for leading and inspiring others begins to leave a legacy that can be felt for generations. Ultimately, the Accountability Pyramid is intended to help a child reach a maturity level that allows him or her to become accountability to the next generation of innocent children.

A child who has been raised on the Accountability Pyramid will also be more likely to feel peace and joy in caring for aged parents.