Self-discipline Mindset Workshop

Enabling the Wrestle with Reality and the Discovery of Inner Strength

most common for ages ~11-18

Self-discipline Mindset

Refrain from micromanaging the teen’s decision-making, while still maintaining an awareness of behavior and a mentoring relationship. The focus is on empowering the teen to feel the weight of personal choices and consequences as well as the burden of self-motivation required to proactively change or improve the future.

Self-discipline Explanations

Self-discipline Examples

Self-discipline Explanations

2. Signs of Self-discipline Stage

3. Teen vs World 

(NOT Teen vs Parent)

4. Parental Responsibilities during Teen Years

5. Mentoring Cycle during Teen Years

6. Risk is High, but that's the POINT

Self-discipline Examples

1. Common Phrases

2. Parental Neutrality 

3. Educate on Local Laws