Meditating in the Presence of Children

Meditation doesn't need to be reserved for moments when you are alone. Allowing our minds and hearts to accept opportunities for meditation while in the presence of our child can be a powerfully fulfilling experience. The following personal examples are intentionally descriptive when it comes to brain science, mindfulness, and meditation so you can picture what I mean.

Just the prayer I needed

Mindfulness with children takes training. Be patient and diligent

Letting my children's noise give me the gift of meditation time

Setting aside my personal opinions to see inside my child's heart

Wow, I should copy my child's ability to focus more often!

Let me Count the Ways!

A birthday gift I'll always remember

Enjoying a fairy tale in real life

One way my children fill my bucket

An extra special tuck-in

Celebrating life

Observing a child learn refreshes me

When my dad almost lived to see the Cubs win the World Series