Following Explanation #3

Discipline Ideas ~ages 1-8

Think "WITH ME"

“So...if you don’t dish out consequences, then what DO you do?” parents ask me all the time.

As our baby develops into a toddler and starts to need help with limits and boundaries, we start the Following Stage and we discipline by practicing positive leadership.

An acronym that I use to help me think about how to be a present-minded leader is:


Look for my IGTV video soon titled “Following Mindset Discipline: Think WITH ME” that will explain these tools in more detail.

"WITH ME" Explanation

This video explains the WITH ME acronym that reminds me to stay close and lead my following stage child during disciplinary moments rather than isolate them in carrying a burden their brains aren’t quite ready for yet.

Watch to the end if you wanna see a cute surprise guest who wanted to follow my lead in sharing thoughts about the WITH ME tools😂